You’re in the right place!

Photography has been a huge part of our lives now for 8 years and counting. Dan picked up his camera professionally back in 2008, started my own business in 2010 and the year after, I met his legendary wife Sarah. She too picked up her camera, left her job at the hospital to go full-time in April 2019, and we haven’t looked back since. 

A few random things about us:

  • Dan has played Ice Hockey since he was 11 years old. 
  • Sarah was a Senior Physiotherapist and worked for the NHS!
  • Dan is a qualified, licensed and full insured Drone pilot! 
  • We have two Goldie’s called Rosie & Penny, who takes up the entire bed (and house). 
  • We are massive film (and Netflix) buffs!
  • Dan has written and Directed two short films about Vikings and Romans, and has two feature films on the cards.  
  • Sarah is pretty awesome at make-up too!
  • We run a family portrait business at our studio in Cranfield.