The following terms apply to all studio based sessions and appointments only. They are on behalf of TWO-D PHOTOGRAPHY LTD. and TWO-D CREATIVE LTD. respectively.

1. Every voucher has a three month expiry on it from purchase, unless otherwise stated. Our corporate vouchers only have no expiry. This means all vouchers must be booked into the diary during this period. Whether or not the session takes place during this time, or after, is down to the discretion and judgment of the studio manager. 1a. Every studio session must be accompanied by a separate ordering appointment at the clients convenience. There is only one 60 minute appointment per session per client, so any orders must be placed at the ordering appointment. This must take place within 4 weeks of the studio date. 1b. Sometimes due to unique circumstances, ordering deadline may be extended at the discretion of the Studio Director. 1c. Images for orders including and over the value of £400 will be stored indefinitely on our servers. Orders under this value will remain on our system for THREE DAYS after the ordering session, unless otherwise agreed. After this period they will be removed and erased. We are not obliged to store any images and do so only at the discretion of the Studio Director. Payment plans or extensions on ordering times can be agreed in principle, and we would encourage anyone wishing to place an order but facing financial restraints at the time to discuss your options with us – we are here to help. 1d. All vouchers must be used, and their contents ordered, within two weeks from the ordering appointment and/or from the time the images are first viewed via email. Any orders placed after this time cannot use the vouchers or what they include, as they will be expired, null and void. 1e. ALL sessions now require a £25 holding fee. This is taken when the session is booked via email, phone or in person. The charge is ONLY taken should the client not attend the session without good reason with less than 48 hours notice given. Card details will be taken and left on our secure server until the session is attended, and they will be immediately deleted at the end of the session from the client file at the end of the session, witnessed if preferred by the attending client. If the session is attended at the designated time, no charge will be taken. 2. This voucher cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. No vouchers can be used in conjunction with any existing offer, including our £100 gift vouchers. 3. This voucher cannot be exchanged for other goods or services, unless agreed so by the studio manager. 4. The voucher is for a ‘full family shoot’ which means al immediate members of the family must attend. If they do not and anyone is missing, it is to the discretion of the studio manager and attending photographer whether or not the voucher is valid and can be used. Two-D Photography is well within their right to refuse attendees on these grounds. 4b. This voucher may be given as a gift if not intended for use by initial recipient. 5. Two-D Photography or any staff member are within their right to refuse to photograph any session, person, pet or item for any reason given. 6. Only ONE session may be used per family per person every 12 months. 7. The voucher covers a 60 minute photoshoot and accompanying 60 minute ordering appointment for the studio only (Cranfield, Beds. MK430AS). It is not to be used for on location or out of the studio projects. 8. If for any reason the session does not go as planned (e.g. baby crying, clients unwell, injury or any other reason not given), the photographer has the right to cancel the session without warning or rebook the appointment for another time. 9. All clients that use this voucher do so understanding that our photography involves physical movement and at times lots of energy. As such, Two-d photography Ltd. and two-D Creative Ltd. Does not accept any responsibility for injury or injuries sustained during the photo shoot and cannot be held liable in this regard. If any attendee has a history of illness or physical defect, this should be discussed in full with your photographer before attending. 10. The framed image included in the stated studio voucher version  is a 7” x 5” gift frame. This excludes our corporate gift packs (Motorvogue, RedBull, Woburn, Yamaha, Home Retail Group) that include a 10″ x 8″ framed image. The frame or the value of it may be exchanged at the viewing appointment to the full discretion of the viewing staff member to be exchanged for discount or towards the value of other products. It may not be exchanged for the monetary value of it or any other goods or services. This framed image is not included with every voucher, and must state it’s inclusion specifically. 10a. The £40 voucher that includes two 7″ x 5″ prints must be used within the given expiry period. Only one session, per client, per voucher. Vouchers, including prints or discounts included may not be combined under any circumstances. 11. All artwork and digital manipulation of the images from the session are to the full discretion of the editor/photographer. We will try to apply requests where possible, but ultimately the outcome of the images cannot be guaranteed to any specific request or style other than that chosen by the staff member who works on the images. Editing to images can only be applied to ordered images. 12. Our £40 gift voucher value can be used towards any wall art product (so frames and display pieces larger than 14″ x 11″), or our top THREE digital image bundle packages (so all of them, 25 of them or 12 of them). 12b. The £50 value included as a “gift voucher” in some of our £40 studio vouchers, can only be used towards “Wall Art” which is any framed image over 14″x 11″ in size. It cannot be used towards any other product or in conjunction with any other offer. 13. Our £100 gift voucher value is the cash value of the gift card, and can be used towards ANY product in our range, but not towards any other goods or services. 14. Any client who undertakes a photoshoot at two-d photography or at the studio agrees that their images can be used to promote and market for Two-D Photography exclusively. Information and date will NEVER be sold or passed onto a third party at any time. IF YOU DO NOT WISH FOR YOUR IMAGES TO BE USED TO PROMOTE AND MARKET TWO-D PHOTOGRAPHY LTD. YOU MUST LET US KNOW VIA THE MEANS BELOW.

If you have any further questions about these terms, please speak directly to any member of staff during your session or call us on 01234 751469 or email info@two-d.co.uk Thank you.]]>